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We're not alone in this world of ours

Ok, there are worse places in the world than Grand Cayman in the Caribbean not least as hurricanes are predicted... for southern England! I don't expect your sympathy. More likely you'll be chanting that delightful mantra I grew used to after weeks on the road with the England football team at World Cups and Euros. “Lucky …….”!!

But hey the privilege of co-hosting a summit of sports Ministers and football administrators from across North America, Central America and the Caribbean -more than 35 countries represented- provided inspiration as well.

‘Transformation through Partnership’ wasn't a unique theme. But using sport, not least football, as a power for good, on and off the pitch, was the summit's constant message over 24 hours. And it was delivered with a real verve and passion.

Tales of how football changed the lives of kids from Tobago, Honduras and the US - the top goal scorer in the history of Honduran soccer told the most moving story of a life that began shoeless kicking a rolled up towel around on the streets with concrete slabs as goalposts - were followed by lively debates. The social responsibilities of wealthy sponsors and broadcasters of sport let alone those mega rich leagues; the legacies of recent major events across the world; role models to follow or most certainly not to.

In my own case, there were the lessons to pass on of helping to set up the "Kick it Out" anti-racism campaign almost 20 years ago, as well as the impact of taking high profile sports people to Kabul, Afghanistan to reclaim the Olympic Stadium there for sport only weeks after the Taliban had been expelled. 

Sharing experiences, hearing of different lives lived differently can often lift the spirits, educate and inspire. Even when like me you've done a few rounds of life.

The on-going lesson of Grand Cayman, for at least this Brit passionately committed to “International Inspiration”, was that we're by no means alone in the world in believing in the power of sport to transform lives.

And that has to be good news.


David Davies, Trustee & Chair of the Fundraising and Communications Committee