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Healthy Living

Sport also has an important part to play in educating and raising awareness of the major health issues faced by so many in developing countries.

SPLASH programme, India

With drowning the third leading cause of unintentional death worldwide, IN supports a holistic survival swimming programme centred on the promotion of the right of children and young people to stay safe, healthy and happy. This is achieved though developing high quality coaches using a curriculum around survival swimming, leadership and life skills development and context relevant public health messaging. IN works with children and young people.

Tico Tico Association, Mozambique

The Tico Tico programme, named after Mozambique's most infamous football player, Manuel José Luís Bucuane, aims to deliever high quality sport, focusing on football, to develop the life skills of children and adolescents, to promote public health messages - in particular, the prevention of HIV/AIDS - as well as gender equity, education and leadership in the Maputo province. With support from IN, the programme aims to: 

  • Develop designated “safe spaces” so that activities can be carried out safely, including adequate drainage to ensure during rainy season, activities are able to continue;
  • Young peer educators trained who will reach out to 750 other children and youth to develop: life skills, youth leadership and promote healthy living (in particular, the prevention of HIV/AIDS).
  • Young coaches will be trained to deliver high quality football training in their communities and local schools; whilst promoting the importance of exercise and healthy lifestyles;
  • Sensitize members of the local community on the importance of sport for individual and social wellbeing;
  • Advocacy and media campaigns to promote well-being, physical exercise and healthy lifestyles amongst children, young people and adults.


"We learned how to prevent HIV/AIDS and not to discriminate people living with the disease. Furthermore, I use my position as a Young Leader as a reference for my work in school and community where live."

Thiago Vasco