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Financial empowerment

Pathways, Kenya

Using a holistic football programme, girls at risk will receive leadership training; access education and be supported into financial dependence. Community sensitisation in safeguarding and gender rights will help transform the social landscape to better support and protect the target population from harmful practices. Work with boys and men is crucial in challenging negative beliefs and attitudes towards females and to promote more equitable relationships in communities. 

In partnership with Moving The Goalposts.

Alive & Kicking, Ghana 

In partnership with Alive and Kicking Ghana, IN trained youth sports leaders are employed in meaningful income generating activities, including the manufacture of footballs, which directly contributes to the provision of sports equipment in local communities. 

The programme aims to: 

  • Increase opportunities for children and young people by providing employment and increase access to community sport 
  • Further the development of sports leaders by enhancing business skills and benefit from income generation opportunities
  • Ensure an open dialogue with relevant policy makers and community stakeholders to aise awareness and advocate for the role of sport in bringing about social and economic development for children and young people
  • Mentor children and young people to see an increased value in their own self-worth and contribution they can make as positive citizens to society

In partnership with Alive and Kicking