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Running a mile with Katherine Grainger

In the build-up to the 2014 Virgin London Marathon, Katherine will relive her thoughts, trials and tribulations and through a weekly series…

I've always admired the London Marathon from afar. Thousands of runners taking to the streets of London, all ages, shapes and extremes of fitness, passing iconic landmarks as they raise millions for charity. There are the novelty outfits too - the wombles, the rhinos, the cartoon characters - that entertain as the hours go by in a blur of colour and emotion.  I've even seen it up close when friends and relatives have run in it. It's an incredible sight and an amazing event, I just didn't think I'd do it myself until a few months ago, when International Inspiration, the charity that I am very proud to sit on the board for, asked if I wanted to take the charity place.  At the same time Anna Watkins, my partner from London 2012, also said she was going to do the marathon and asked “wouldn't training together be fun again?.”  So before I realised what I was doing I said yes. And then the country entered one of the wettest winters on record. Roads and rivers flooded as the rain poured down from the sky.  But the miles needed to be accumulated because, at first, even three or four miles feels like a long way and 26 miles seems an impossible goal. It's a slow but steady build up. So far I'm happy to say that there are no serious injuries or even blisters to report and the miles have gradually increased.  Anna and I are trying to do the long runs together and the rest of the training time I have music to keep the motivation going. As with anything some days are easier than others. The mileage is still increasing though and I am getting increasingly in awe of those wombles and rhinos. How do they do it??

The support for Katherine and International Inspiration so far has been fantastic, but there’s still plenty of time to get involved, whether it’s donating or cheering her on! 

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Katherine Grainger