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IN joins groundbreaking National Sport Development Conference in Zambia

The Wallace Group (UK), UK Sport and International Inspiration (IN) will join grassroots organisations, Senior Government Ministers and Zambian delegates in evaluating and planning the future of sport development in Zambia at the first ever National Sport Development conference, taking place this week.

The conference represents an important step in building a sustainable and mutual partnership between organisations currently involved in sport and development work that provides young Zambians with an environment that encourages sport and social development.

Amongst delegates will be alumni of the IDEALS programme, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. IDEALS is a unique programme which develops both coaching and leadership skills, and provides valuable cultural exchange for all participants. UK students work with Zambian sport practitioners and coaches to support the delivery of daily activities of Zambian NGO, Sport in Action. The programme is an opportunity to work together, develop culturally sensitive coaching styles and widen the reach of sport for development work.

The conference takes place at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) sponsored Olympic and Youth Development Centre (OYDC), established as part of the IOC’s Sport for Hope programme. Under recommendation 24 of the Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC aims to develop a sustainable operation model for the centre in partnership with the expertise of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).

IN works with numerous stakeholders in Zambia and looks forward to the outcomes of the conference.

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